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March 18th, 2006
[ mood | lonely ]

Im going to Mexico tomorrow (or well today since its after 12)

Spring Break! woo hoo!

ya thats about all i have to say

actually wait, im really not that excited to go. Im gonna be lonely the whole time without my friends to talk to... ya, it doesnt sound so fun anymore

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fun saturday [Saturday
March 4th, 2006
[ mood | happy ]

finals are over! thank god!

so today i went to southdale w/ my mom and brother and i got a new cell phone! its a flip camera phone, so im pretty excited about that. got a (itsy bitsy teeny weeny, haha) yellow polka dot bikini, sweatpants, and a skirt from ae. and we went to go pick up my camera, but for some reason it hadnt gotten sent out yet, so they gave me a temporary one which is like nicer than my other camera lol. but then kelley and rachel came over. we hung out, went to coldstone, and watched saw 2. and damn, was that movie sick. i was like skirming watching parts of it.

of course we had to take a few pictures...

DSCF0021 kelley and i are i guess what you could call "confused"

DSCF0117 haha rachel, for some reason i think it looks like she's spinning

DSCF0037 haha i find this picture pretty funny

DSCF0060 outside my window. i think this looks cool

DSCF0126 rachel looking cute

DSCF0066 oh dear

DSCF0153 kelley's ass, me just sitting there, and my blue! walls. haha sry, im just really happy w/ my paint color

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February 27th, 2006
[ mood | sleepy ]

aw im dont really feel like writing, but im bored. finals are this thursday and friday, and yes finals suck, but im kinda excited cause im really happy that tri 2 is finally going to be over. that took way to damn long

and since my camera is still in the shop.... god damnit, thats like 4 weeks now... but anyways, here's something to amuse you...

haha i think this is pretty funny

ah im so damn tired.... i think its nap time. yes sleep thank god, to bad i have that spring sports meeting otherwise i would sleep all night... 

Real World premieres tomorrow! im excited!

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February 20th, 2006
[ mood | accomplished ]

so i totally painted my room today (or well sunday, cause its gonna say this is from monday cause its after 12) my walls are like aqua blue and then one wall is like magenta-ish purple colored. its like insanely bright, but i like it. too bad i havent gotten my camera back yet otherwise i could post pictures. no more white walls, yes!
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February 12th, 2006
[ mood | chipper ]

so its like 2:30 and yet im still super tired. maybe its because this weekend has been pretty action packed, but really fun.
friday after school kelley and i went over to ana's to hang out since both of them were babysitting later. went to the aha bball game after that. not many people were there, but aha won against hutch at least. it was a pretty close game the whole time though. after that i slept over at rachel's.
saturday was what else... shopping w/ rachel and kelley. and i keep spending more and more money. im gonna be broke in like a second here, but i bought a polo from abercrombie and fitch and a $20 sweatshirt from ae, so that was a really good deal. we went and hung out at kell's after and made cookies. we kinda suck at cooking a lot.
aw i want my camera back. maybe completely destroying it to get a new one wasnt the best idea, but eh, w/e ill get pictures up on here sometime soon... i hope

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who gives a fuck about the superbowl? [Sunday
February 5th, 2006
[ mood | amused ]

so snow daze week is over. it went alright, except i had to do the survivor games on tuesday and i felt like an idiot competing in stuff in front of the whole school. now its gonna be normal school all day this week. boo

so this weekend went alright. friday was the snow daze dance and it didnt get started until like 9:45 and then there were like no boys there and half of them wouldnt dance for like first part so that was pretty stupid. the second half of the dance was pretty damn fun though.

me and kelley got bored before the dance so these are the result of that:

DSCF7433 haha i look like a chicken

so then yesterday i had to clean my house for hours and hours and hours. cleaning is disusting. especially when its cleaning toilets. sick. then me and rachel went and i bought like 4 shirts from anf and ae for like $50 which is pretty good. and i went over to rachel's with becca earlier today and we took some pretty cool pictures... i say it was ugly face day...

DSCF7445 haha rachel looks like the possessed emmy rossum from the phantom of the opera... you'd have to see it to know what im talking about
DSCF7447 becca looks like an elf
DSCF7442 i just look odd

and that concludes the events for the night

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January 30th, 2006
[ mood | peaceful ]

god ive just been on like update frenzy lately, but its snow daze this week and today was 70's day, so i dressed up, but like no one else did. but i came home and took some pictures, so here are some of those...

DSCF7273 dirty mirror

DSCF7317 this is blurry, but i thought it looked cool

DSCF7261 the whole outfit


hmm hopefully ill take some pictures w/ other people besides myself soon, so i can put those up here.

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January 28th, 2006
[ mood | sleepy ]

hmm im updating again and i dont know why because i have no reason too, but i was on I M talking to a bunch of people and i just got sick of typing to everyone so im taking a break.

so today i had to get up early to be at holy angels to work at 8 a.m. for the conference dance competition. i put in 8 hours for student service pretty much working at concessions the while time. i have to say, im a pretty damn good cashier if i do say so myself, lol. but now my legs majorly hurt after standing for like 7 hours. im only 15 and my body aches, so i have no idea how the older parents do it. so aha tied with northfield for conference champs.
then tonight i went over to ana's and we just hung out and thats about all for my weekend. tomorrow's homework, and monday's back to school. and of course we dont have another break for so long. but atleast its snow daze and the dance is friday. pretty sure im really excited for that. and thats really all i have to say...

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friday night boredom [Friday
January 27th, 2006
[ mood | lonely ]

so its friday night and have nothing to do besides sit at home and watch movies with my mom... i know, pathetic right... lol

so i got a new layout. i felt like getting something valentine's dayish. this serves the purpose i guess. valentines day... there's 3 kinds of people on valentines day
1. the ones who arent single and are happily out on dates w/ their significant others
2. the lonely, bitter ones who have no boyfriend/girlfriend, and sit at home doing nothing, or go out with their friends, or do some girlish self-help activity like taking a bath or eating chocolate
3. the people who just dont care.
unfortunately right now i happen to be #2...

so school lately has just been ok, not really the stressful, but not that fun either. But next week is gonna be a blast because we have SNOW DAZE! im really excited for that because we get to dress up and then have a dance, and dances are like my favorite things ever.
so monday is 70's day, tuesday is tropical day, wednesday is just like casual, thursday is golden globes, so dress up, and friday is espn. hopefully ill take some pictures next week.

other than that last night i went bowling w/ people and then we went back to krystals for like an hour. today i just hung out with ana and kelley for a little bit and worked for my mom. But i seriously showered and got ready in 8 minutes earlier today. new record, i think so! lol.

DSCF7208 i recently took that picture and i kinda like it, but idk

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its my birthday [Wednesday
January 18th, 2006
[ mood | full ]

So its My 15th Birthday Today!

go me, im special...

lol ya, kinda boring day, we went to the cheesecake factory, and now im fricken stuffed. pretty sure we had the cutest waiter ive ever seen in my life, lol. so i pretty much just got the normal bday stuff, giftcards and money. thats about it

aw school is so boring lately... whens our next break?? seriously...

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January 15th, 2006
[ mood | blank ]

guess who's birthday is in like 3 days? hmm ya thats right, mine! I get to finally be 15

so this week... pretty sucky. for some reason it was a really really stressful. I think it was the homework. i had about 3 hours on average each night. so im really majorly sick of homework right now, and of course i still have to do all of mine tomorrow.

so this weekend has been kinda blah. nothing really that exciting. friday i went shopping with rachel at like 2 since we had an e schedule and she had finals... and i got purple uggs on sale... haha i know purple uggs, but they're really really cute and im in love with them. then later that night shelagh, ana, and i went to the movie tristan and isolde, which was super cute, but really sad at the same time. It was opening night so the theater was packed and almost sold out when i bought a ticket, and i had to ask people to move otherwise we wouldnt have even gotten seats. and then only like half the movie showed up for like the first 10 minutes, which was really weird. then yesterday i went over to kelleys and then rachel, kelley, and i went to the jefferson jive and connection spaghetti dinner and we got to see becca perform. that was pretty cool... and today i went shopping again w/ kell and rach, and i got a puma sweatshirt, and thats about it. yes i know, im extremely interesting...

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January 8th, 2006
[ mood | annoyed ]

Doesnt it always seem like breaks off of school go super fast and then the week after break is the slowest week of your life..? ya well thats pretty much what happened this week.... it was the slowest effing week ever and it was super boring and nothing happened. well stuff happened, like getting loaded with homework and a bunch of new projects. And my grades are totally slipping right now too. They've like all went down lately, which is definitely not good...

so this weekend went super fast of course. friday night i went over to ana's with shelagh and kelley and we watched must love dogs which was such a super cute movie. saturday kelley, ana, and i went shopping, and i bought this dark grayish hoodie from abercrombie and fitch and its super cute and soft. i pretty much love it. saturday night rachel slept over, and we just hang out and talked and stuff so thats about it. today has been homework homework homework. it seriously has taken me like 4 hours and im not even done... blah i hate school... and we get to go back tomorrow to a full week. god shoot me now. maybe this week will go fast? hmm... ya, no. probably not

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mass pic and text update [Saturday
December 31st, 2005
[ mood | cheerful ]

So im home from mexico finally. i got back last night at like 8:30 and then i went straight to leahs for a nativity party. that was pretty fun. its crazy how much i missed people. we took a lot of pictures so here those are....

Tony, Harlie, Rachel Lahl, Kevin H, and Mike H

 Harlie, Meghan, Leah, and Rachel

 Danny and Leah

 Mike H, Mike D, and Joey

 Leah and Rachel... aww cute

 Harlie, Mike H, and Anthony.. hahaha

 tony and rachel looking sexy

 Mike H and Mike C

 Me and Kelley. i look bad, but be nice, i just came from the airport and flying for hours

 Jor, Rach, and Tony

 Amy and Leah being ghetto

 Danny and Kelley

 Jordyn, Rachel, and Anthony

 Harlie, Rachel, and Emily

 me, kelley, and danny. god i look like fuglyness in all of these

 gangstas...tony, leah, and matt

 Jor, Tony, Rach, and Matt

 Cat and Leah.. cute!

 Tony and Rach

 Mike H, Danny, and Kevin H. haha they all look so excited

 Mike H and Ryley

 me and rach... haha something was in my eye and i was trying to get it out when this pic was taken

 Kell, Meghan, Kevin, Molly, Jordyn, Don, and Matt

 Jordyn looking cute

 big ass girls, aka amy, me and leah, and yes i am poking my own ass

 Leah and Mike c... haha this picture is pretty funny

 Sarah and Erin

 Har, Rach, Tony, Rachel L, Jor

 Amy, Kim, and Amanda

 Leah and kevin h


 Leah, Me, and Anthony, and kelley on the side

 Mike H and Leah

 emily, harlie, rachel, mike h, tony, and rach

so mexico was alright. we got there sunday afternoon/ night, and then we kinda just layed out in the sun for the next few days. hurricane wilma destroyed the beach and a lot of other stuff around cancun so on wednesday i think it was, we drove down to akumal. of course we couldnt find a place to stay besides this one place. so we wait like 3 hours for the people to get it ready and then it ends up being this shitty crap gross place that has an open wall w/ out windows, and weird stuff on the walls, and dirtyness, and bugs everywhere. It was digusting. there were even cockroaches. it was so horrible. i think the guy who lives there definitely smokes a lot of weed. haha. so we only stayed there one night and then we moved to this place on the beach for a day. so we drove back to cancun thrusday afternoon/ night and just relaxed, ate, went snorkling at this cool lagoon place and shopped the rest of the vacation, and thats about it. im not even that tan though, so it kinda sucks. and on the plane ride home the kid right in front of me was sick so he was puking the whole so that was pretty disgusting. and i found a living baby cockroach in my suitcase today... pretty disgusting, i know.

so today jordyn, kelley, rachel and i went to doin the dishes and out to eat for rachel's bday. That was pretty fun, and i painted a pretty sweet picture frame. heres a picture

 ignore my ugliness please, lol. i kinda wasnt paying attention...me, kelley, jordyn, and rachel w/ the stuff we painted

Some really old pictures....


 Kelley and I

 kelley being a scary, evil fairy


 oh m gee

 boys.. aj (my sadies date), spencer, danny, tony, david, and tom.

 shelagh, friske, me, kelley, shannon, and ana


Happy News Years everyone! 2006 baby

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yay for Christmas [Thursday
December 22nd, 2005
[ mood | awake and pretty happy ]

how can you not love christmas?? i love christmas so much, and being off school, god its amazing

so ya yesterday i pretty much sat around all day and then jordyn, rachel, and i went to southdale and finished up our christmas shopping. i bought 2 shirts for myself to give to my brother to give to me, haha, but w/e it works. then they came over here for a little bit and if you wanna see a funny picture go here:


so then today kelley and i went over to rachels to exchange christmas gifts and rachel got me a shirt from ae i had been wanting so that was pretty good. then tonight those 2 came over again and we rented the exorcism of emily rose. and damn was that movie scary. its so weird, but it freaked me out...

Guess what? 3 more days until christmas and cancun... yes!!!

 Look at that hot kid right there... haha i think im love w/ rachel cause she's kinda retarded

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December 20th, 2005
[ mood | really mellow ]

Christmas break has officially started as of 2:40 today... pretty fricken sweet

so saturday i worked at my sister's dance competition for student service hours and that was pretty murderous... some of it was easy and boring, but then half the time i was running up and down all 4 floors like a million fricken times. so that was pretty tiring. I got like 12-13 hours done atleast, but it was pretty hard work.

this week went pretty fast considering it was only 2 days... i had a bunch of hard tests and quizzes though. and i burnt my hand really badd today cause i spilled scorching hot soup on my hand, and theres like a white band on my finger from where my ring was, otherwise most of my skin around that got burnt and its really red now.

So tonight my mom and i went christmas shopping and i got all my shopping done i think... then we went and got pedicures for Cancun.

I get to go to mexico in 5 days!!!... yes im effin excited. Oh ya and christmas is in 5 days as well. god that came quick. awww im so excited for christmas to come... i cant wait

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December 14th, 2005
[ mood | happy ]

Ok this week is going by soooo much faster than last week its amazing... so we have what? 4 days of school until christmas break... sweet!

so monday all the freshman went to the romeo and juliet play... that was alright, like the play was kinda boring and really weird, but eh, its better than school. and i got to rest for like 3 hours, and i think i fell asleep for a minute a couple of times.

Christmas and Cancun in 11 days!!!! Waaaaaa Im so fricken excited its not even funny!!! I cant wait to relax and be in the sun... hmmm who knows, maybe ill meet some cute boy down in mexico? lol, and i can wow him w/ my spanish skills... haha ok not. thats probably not gonna happen

aw i really want an ipod for christmas... $300 though... we'll see if i get one

Alright i dont really have anything else to say so goodnight. Hopefully ill get some pictures up on here this weekend, but no promises... <333

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December 10th, 2005
[ mood | wow im really tired ]

can i even begin tell you how slowly this week went. It was insane. and now tomorrows sunday and then its back to school... awww.... but atleast monday's the romeo and juliet play.... so ya on friday i had a math quiz that i pretty much completely failed, it was horrible. i probably have a c in math now. great...

so ya anyways on friday rachel and kelley came over... pictures:

  kelley and rachel

 rachel singing. haha wow she looks fricken hilarious



kelley looks cute

kelley and then rachels hair

 once again, some hot hair there rach

then today i hung out w/ rachel and went christmas shopping. i spent like $170, its was nuts.... im back to being broke again. woo hoo!

alright im tired so im going to bed... <333P>

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a case of the mondays [Monday
December 5th, 2005
[ mood | blah ]

*New Layout* i felt like having something Christmas-y

So lets just say the last few weeks have kinda sucked... idk, im just like really unhappy lately... i dont even care that much about writing in here anymore, but its just kinda a habbit, so i keep doing it.

so school last week was just kinda boring and it was pretty much just getting used to my new classes, nothing really special... my weekend wasnt that eventful either, it went super fast. i pretty much just went over to anas, and rachels, and did homework.

Well on the bright side my mom just booked a 5 day trip to cancun for christmas break. so im going to mexico for christmas and spring break.... pretty damn cool.

so since im pretty sure about 9 out of 10 people only look at this to see if there are pics on here, heres a few... lets just say i got bored and was playing w/ my photo editor thing

 i liked my eyes in this one

 there... im smiling in one atleast

aw i might as well go do some homework.... ive put it off for atleast 3 hours already... bye loves <3

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November 29th, 2005
[ mood | angry ]

Tri 2 sucks. it can die already, and its only the first day. pretty sure i hate most of my classes. thats pretty much all i want to say right now, so lets steal some pictures from michael's photobucket site

oh ya and happy birthday danny

Image hosted by Photobucket.com me and kelley. i look like im laughing once again.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com ana and leah, and im pretty sure i took this picture

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November 21st, 2005
[ mood | anxious ]

So friday aha football played at the dome against hutch, so of course i went. pretty sure aha won by a field goal in like the last 2 seconds of the game. that was pretty sweet. AHA's playing for state this friday! im so excited for that. so then after that ana, kelley, and i were dropping off ana's brother's friend jack gale so i was like "dude we should go ring the doorbell and have alex answer and see what he does." so we got to see alex for a little bit which was pretty cool since i havent seen that kid in like what 2 years or so? so then we went to kelley's and slept over, and all 3 of us fell asleep on kelley's twin bed, so we were pretty squished like all night. so then saturday i went over to rachel's with becca and kelley and we watched our old religion music video from like 7th grade, and i gotta say it was pretty damn good. So then we went to southdale and went shopping and stuff and then we ran into danny and shelagh who were going to see harry potter. so we were hanging out w/ them and sitting on those couches on the 4th floor when some like security guard came over and like started yelling at us for doing nothing. seriously the woman was so rude, like i felt so disrespected i wanted to yell at her, but then i would've got kicked out so that probably wouldn't have been a good idea. Idk what her problem was, she just like felt she could be mean to us because we were teenagers or something? so ya anyways i bought a pair of brown gauchos! haha ya im happy about that cause ive been wanting gauchos forever so those are pretty cool. so then we went back to rachel's, ate, and played mario party, can it get any better than that? haha

School today was pretty boring. it was the last day of tri 1. Finals are tomorrow and im so screwed. My science final is gonna be like the hardest thing ever. im like completely fuckin screwed, seriously. atleast its late start and early dismissal, so that's pretty sweet, but then i have an ortho appointment cause i broke my retainer once again. haha opps. alright i better get going so i get enough sleep tonight, so ttyl.

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