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yay for Christmas

how can you not love christmas?? i love christmas so much, and being off school, god its amazing

so ya yesterday i pretty much sat around all day and then jordyn, rachel, and i went to southdale and finished up our christmas shopping. i bought 2 shirts for myself to give to my brother to give to me, haha, but w/e it works. then they came over here for a little bit and if you wanna see a funny picture go here:

so then today kelley and i went over to rachels to exchange christmas gifts and rachel got me a shirt from ae i had been wanting so that was pretty good. then tonight those 2 came over again and we rented the exorcism of emily rose. and damn was that movie scary. its so weird, but it freaked me out...

Guess what? 3 more days until christmas and cancun... yes!!!

 Look at that hot kid right there... haha i think im love w/ rachel cause she's kinda retarded

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