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mass pic and text update

So im home from mexico finally. i got back last night at like 8:30 and then i went straight to leahs for a nativity party. that was pretty fun. its crazy how much i missed people. we took a lot of pictures so here those are....

Tony, Harlie, Rachel Lahl, Kevin H, and Mike H

 Harlie, Meghan, Leah, and Rachel

 Danny and Leah

 Mike H, Mike D, and Joey

 Leah and Rachel... aww cute

 Harlie, Mike H, and Anthony.. hahaha

 tony and rachel looking sexy

 Mike H and Mike C

 Me and Kelley. i look bad, but be nice, i just came from the airport and flying for hours

 Jor, Rach, and Tony

 Amy and Leah being ghetto

 Danny and Kelley

 Jordyn, Rachel, and Anthony

 Harlie, Rachel, and Emily

 me, kelley, and danny. god i look like fuglyness in all of these

 gangstas...tony, leah, and matt

 Jor, Tony, Rach, and Matt

 Cat and Leah.. cute!

 Tony and Rach

 Mike H, Danny, and Kevin H. haha they all look so excited

 Mike H and Ryley

 me and rach... haha something was in my eye and i was trying to get it out when this pic was taken

 Kell, Meghan, Kevin, Molly, Jordyn, Don, and Matt

 Jordyn looking cute

 big ass girls, aka amy, me and leah, and yes i am poking my own ass

 Leah and Mike c... haha this picture is pretty funny

 Sarah and Erin

 Har, Rach, Tony, Rachel L, Jor

 Amy, Kim, and Amanda

 Leah and kevin h


 Leah, Me, and Anthony, and kelley on the side

 Mike H and Leah

 emily, harlie, rachel, mike h, tony, and rach

so mexico was alright. we got there sunday afternoon/ night, and then we kinda just layed out in the sun for the next few days. hurricane wilma destroyed the beach and a lot of other stuff around cancun so on wednesday i think it was, we drove down to akumal. of course we couldnt find a place to stay besides this one place. so we wait like 3 hours for the people to get it ready and then it ends up being this shitty crap gross place that has an open wall w/ out windows, and weird stuff on the walls, and dirtyness, and bugs everywhere. It was digusting. there were even cockroaches. it was so horrible. i think the guy who lives there definitely smokes a lot of weed. haha. so we only stayed there one night and then we moved to this place on the beach for a day. so we drove back to cancun thrusday afternoon/ night and just relaxed, ate, went snorkling at this cool lagoon place and shopped the rest of the vacation, and thats about it. im not even that tan though, so it kinda sucks. and on the plane ride home the kid right in front of me was sick so he was puking the whole so that was pretty disgusting. and i found a living baby cockroach in my suitcase today... pretty disgusting, i know.

so today jordyn, kelley, rachel and i went to doin the dishes and out to eat for rachel's bday. That was pretty fun, and i painted a pretty sweet picture frame. heres a picture

 ignore my ugliness please, lol. i kinda wasnt paying, kelley, jordyn, and rachel w/ the stuff we painted

Some really old pictures....


 Kelley and I

 kelley being a scary, evil fairy


 oh m gee

 boys.. aj (my sadies date), spencer, danny, tony, david, and tom.

 shelagh, friske, me, kelley, shannon, and ana


Happy News Years everyone! 2006 baby

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