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guess who's birthday is in like 3 days? hmm ya thats right, mine! I get to finally be 15

so this week... pretty sucky. for some reason it was a really really stressful. I think it was the homework. i had about 3 hours on average each night. so im really majorly sick of homework right now, and of course i still have to do all of mine tomorrow.

so this weekend has been kinda blah. nothing really that exciting. friday i went shopping with rachel at like 2 since we had an e schedule and she had finals... and i got purple uggs on sale... haha i know purple uggs, but they're really really cute and im in love with them. then later that night shelagh, ana, and i went to the movie tristan and isolde, which was super cute, but really sad at the same time. It was opening night so the theater was packed and almost sold out when i bought a ticket, and i had to ask people to move otherwise we wouldnt have even gotten seats. and then only like half the movie showed up for like the first 10 minutes, which was really weird. then yesterday i went over to kelleys and then rachel, kelley, and i went to the jefferson jive and connection spaghetti dinner and we got to see becca perform. that was pretty cool... and today i went shopping again w/ kell and rach, and i got a puma sweatshirt, and thats about it. yes i know, im extremely interesting...
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