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friday night boredom

so its friday night and have nothing to do besides sit at home and watch movies with my mom... i know, pathetic right... lol

so i got a new layout. i felt like getting something valentine's dayish. this serves the purpose i guess. valentines day... there's 3 kinds of people on valentines day
1. the ones who arent single and are happily out on dates w/ their significant others
2. the lonely, bitter ones who have no boyfriend/girlfriend, and sit at home doing nothing, or go out with their friends, or do some girlish self-help activity like taking a bath or eating chocolate
3. the people who just dont care.
unfortunately right now i happen to be #2...

so school lately has just been ok, not really the stressful, but not that fun either. But next week is gonna be a blast because we have SNOW DAZE! im really excited for that because we get to dress up and then have a dance, and dances are like my favorite things ever.
so monday is 70's day, tuesday is tropical day, wednesday is just like casual, thursday is golden globes, so dress up, and friday is espn. hopefully ill take some pictures next week.

other than that last night i went bowling w/ people and then we went back to krystals for like an hour. today i just hung out with ana and kelley for a little bit and worked for my mom. But i seriously showered and got ready in 8 minutes earlier today. new record, i think so! lol.

DSCF7208 i recently took that picture and i kinda like it, but idk
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