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who gives a fuck about the superbowl?

so snow daze week is over. it went alright, except i had to do the survivor games on tuesday and i felt like an idiot competing in stuff in front of the whole school. now its gonna be normal school all day this week. boo

so this weekend went alright. friday was the snow daze dance and it didnt get started until like 9:45 and then there were like no boys there and half of them wouldnt dance for like first part so that was pretty stupid. the second half of the dance was pretty damn fun though.

me and kelley got bored before the dance so these are the result of that:

DSCF7433 haha i look like a chicken

so then yesterday i had to clean my house for hours and hours and hours. cleaning is disusting. especially when its cleaning toilets. sick. then me and rachel went and i bought like 4 shirts from anf and ae for like $50 which is pretty good. and i went over to rachel's with becca earlier today and we took some pretty cool pictures... i say it was ugly face day...

DSCF7445 haha rachel looks like the possessed emmy rossum from the phantom of the opera... you'd have to see it to know what im talking about
DSCF7447 becca looks like an elf
DSCF7442 i just look odd

and that concludes the events for the night
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