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fun saturday

finals are over! thank god!

so today i went to southdale w/ my mom and brother and i got a new cell phone! its a flip camera phone, so im pretty excited about that. got a (itsy bitsy teeny weeny, haha) yellow polka dot bikini, sweatpants, and a skirt from ae. and we went to go pick up my camera, but for some reason it hadnt gotten sent out yet, so they gave me a temporary one which is like nicer than my other camera lol. but then kelley and rachel came over. we hung out, went to coldstone, and watched saw 2. and damn, was that movie sick. i was like skirming watching parts of it.

of course we had to take a few pictures...

DSCF0021 kelley and i are i guess what you could call "confused"

DSCF0117 haha rachel, for some reason i think it looks like she's spinning

DSCF0037 haha i find this picture pretty funny

DSCF0060 outside my window. i think this looks cool

DSCF0126 rachel looking cute

DSCF0066 oh dear

DSCF0153 kelley's ass, me just sitting there, and my blue! walls. haha sry, im just really happy w/ my paint color
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