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So friday aha football played at the dome against hutch, so of course i went. pretty sure aha won by a field goal in like the last 2 seconds of the game. that was pretty sweet. AHA's playing for state this friday! im so excited for that. so then after that ana, kelley, and i were dropping off ana's brother's friend jack gale so i was like "dude we should go ring the doorbell and have alex answer and see what he does." so we got to see alex for a little bit which was pretty cool since i havent seen that kid in like what 2 years or so? so then we went to kelley's and slept over, and all 3 of us fell asleep on kelley's twin bed, so we were pretty squished like all night. so then saturday i went over to rachel's with becca and kelley and we watched our old religion music video from like 7th grade, and i gotta say it was pretty damn good. So then we went to southdale and went shopping and stuff and then we ran into danny and shelagh who were going to see harry potter. so we were hanging out w/ them and sitting on those couches on the 4th floor when some like security guard came over and like started yelling at us for doing nothing. seriously the woman was so rude, like i felt so disrespected i wanted to yell at her, but then i would've got kicked out so that probably wouldn't have been a good idea. Idk what her problem was, she just like felt she could be mean to us because we were teenagers or something? so ya anyways i bought a pair of brown gauchos! haha ya im happy about that cause ive been wanting gauchos forever so those are pretty cool. so then we went back to rachel's, ate, and played mario party, can it get any better than that? haha

School today was pretty boring. it was the last day of tri 1. Finals are tomorrow and im so screwed. My science final is gonna be like the hardest thing ever. im like completely fuckin screwed, seriously. atleast its late start and early dismissal, so that's pretty sweet, but then i have an ortho appointment cause i broke my retainer once again. haha opps. alright i better get going so i get enough sleep tonight, so ttyl.
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