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Ok this week is going by soooo much faster than last week its amazing... so we have what? 4 days of school until christmas break... sweet!

so monday all the freshman went to the romeo and juliet play... that was alright, like the play was kinda boring and really weird, but eh, its better than school. and i got to rest for like 3 hours, and i think i fell asleep for a minute a couple of times.

Christmas and Cancun in 11 days!!!! Waaaaaa Im so fricken excited its not even funny!!! I cant wait to relax and be in the sun... hmmm who knows, maybe ill meet some cute boy down in mexico? lol, and i can wow him w/ my spanish skills... haha ok not. thats probably not gonna happen

aw i really want an ipod for christmas... $300 though... we'll see if i get one

Alright i dont really have anything else to say so goodnight. Hopefully ill get some pictures up on here this weekend, but no promises... <333
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