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Christmas break has officially started as of 2:40 today... pretty fricken sweet

so saturday i worked at my sister's dance competition for student service hours and that was pretty murderous... some of it was easy and boring, but then half the time i was running up and down all 4 floors like a million fricken times. so that was pretty tiring. I got like 12-13 hours done atleast, but it was pretty hard work.

this week went pretty fast considering it was only 2 days... i had a bunch of hard tests and quizzes though. and i burnt my hand really badd today cause i spilled scorching hot soup on my hand, and theres like a white band on my finger from where my ring was, otherwise most of my skin around that got burnt and its really red now.

So tonight my mom and i went christmas shopping and i got all my shopping done i think... then we went and got pedicures for Cancun.

I get to go to mexico in 5 days!!!... yes im effin excited. Oh ya and christmas is in 5 days as well. god that came quick. awww im so excited for christmas to come... i cant wait
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