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Doesnt it always seem like breaks off of school go super fast and then the week after break is the slowest week of your life..? ya well thats pretty much what happened this week.... it was the slowest effing week ever and it was super boring and nothing happened. well stuff happened, like getting loaded with homework and a bunch of new projects. And my grades are totally slipping right now too. They've like all went down lately, which is definitely not good...

so this weekend went super fast of course. friday night i went over to ana's with shelagh and kelley and we watched must love dogs which was such a super cute movie. saturday kelley, ana, and i went shopping, and i bought this dark grayish hoodie from abercrombie and fitch and its super cute and soft. i pretty much love it. saturday night rachel slept over, and we just hang out and talked and stuff so thats about it. today has been homework homework homework. it seriously has taken me like 4 hours and im not even done... blah i hate school... and we get to go back tomorrow to a full week. god shoot me now. maybe this week will go fast? hmm... ya, no. probably not
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