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hmm im updating again and i dont know why because i have no reason too, but i was on I M talking to a bunch of people and i just got sick of typing to everyone so im taking a break.

so today i had to get up early to be at holy angels to work at 8 a.m. for the conference dance competition. i put in 8 hours for student service pretty much working at concessions the while time. i have to say, im a pretty damn good cashier if i do say so myself, lol. but now my legs majorly hurt after standing for like 7 hours. im only 15 and my body aches, so i have no idea how the older parents do it. so aha tied with northfield for conference champs.
then tonight i went over to ana's and we just hung out and thats about all for my weekend. tomorrow's homework, and monday's back to school. and of course we dont have another break for so long. but atleast its snow daze and the dance is friday. pretty sure im really excited for that. and thats really all i have to say...
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