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so its like 2:30 and yet im still super tired. maybe its because this weekend has been pretty action packed, but really fun.
friday after school kelley and i went over to ana's to hang out since both of them were babysitting later. went to the aha bball game after that. not many people were there, but aha won against hutch at least. it was a pretty close game the whole time though. after that i slept over at rachel's.
saturday was what else... shopping w/ rachel and kelley. and i keep spending more and more money. im gonna be broke in like a second here, but i bought a polo from abercrombie and fitch and a $20 sweatshirt from ae, so that was a really good deal. we went and hung out at kell's after and made cookies. we kinda suck at cooking a lot.
aw i want my camera back. maybe completely destroying it to get a new one wasnt the best idea, but eh, w/e ill get pictures up on here sometime soon... i hope
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